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New Wave is a small to medium sized chorus based in the Baltimore area. We're a tight knit community of singers who are committed to our mission of making music that matters and a high performance standard. The information on the following pages is the same information you'll find in our member handbook and the standards we expect all our members to meet and uphold. 


Do you like to sing and want to join NWS? Then please come to one of our auditions dates. You do not have to have any music prepared, you'll be able to sit in and participate in the rehearsal and meet the current members. We will all be seeing the music for the first time too! The Artistic Director will then have you sing a widely known patriotic song, sight sing through a provided piece of simple music for general ability, and some scales in order to determine your range. You will also be asked to sing a portion of a song with some current members for blend.

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New Wave is all about diversity, and we embrace that within our membership. Our members are from a wide range of backgrounds and experience levels. Membership is also a commitment to practicing, performing, and helping the organization thrive. Here's how to get started!

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There are times when other members of the chorus will need to get in touch with you outside of rehearsal. While we do keep a phone number on file, electronic communications are preferred, including the following:

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The music library is one of New Wave's biggest investments - just one song can cost the chorus up to $250 to have enough copies for all our members. 

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Rehearsals are critical to New Wave's performance quality and sound. We meet every week during the season to learn our material and polish our performance until it's perfect for our audiences. 

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Performances are the lifeblood of the chorus. Without our seasonal concerts and our audiences, we would not be here! 

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New Wave is supported in part by: 

Your donations and concert attendance,

and Govans Presbyterian Church, who provides us with rehearsal and performance space, support and open arms, year after year. 

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