There are times when other members of the chorus will need to get in touch with you outside of rehearsal. While we do keep a phone number on file, electronic communications are preferred, including the following:

Mailing List. Our main method of communication outside rehearsal is via the New Wave email list. The Secretary will send out "The Splash" each week with rehearsal notes, important dates and other information for our members. This will include cancellations in case of inclement weather, if necessary.

Website. Our website ( has public information about New Wave's extensive history, membership, governance and upcoming events. There is a password protected members area with privileged information such as our bylaws, roster and other helpful resources. The New Wave roster and member contact information is for New Wave business only. It is expressly prohibited to collect or share this information with anyone outside of the New Wave membership.

Facebook. The New Wave Facebook page is located at and is our other central location for news and events related to the chorus.
Please feel free to have anyone interested in New Wave to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit the website or like us on Facebook to get news and information about upcoming events.

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New Wave is supported in part by: 

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and Govans Presbyterian Church, who provides us with rehearsal and performance space, support and open arms, year after year. 

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