Many of our administrative and financial functions are coordinated via committee. While the committee chairs are appointed by the Board of Directors, we are always looking for volunteers to assist the committee chairs and other members. 

Fundraising. (includes Grants and Silent Auction sub-committees) The Fundraising committee organizes and manages activities to help New Wave meet our financial goals. This includes investigating and pursuing a variety of income sources including corporate sponsorships, grants, major contributions and individual donations.

Marketing. The Marketing committee manages all publicity and advertising for New Wave, including print and electronic press releases, fliers, programs and any other promotional materials. They also publish the New Wave newsletter and submit necessary updates for the New Wave website.

Membership. (includes Pride, Social Events and GALA sub-committees) The Membership committee organizes and manages member recruitment and retention activities, including social events for all members and the mentoring program for new members. They are also tasked with coordinating outfit orders when necessary.

Outreach. The Outreach committee develops and maintains relationships with other organizations within the GLBT and larger community, as well as acting as liaisons for performance and scheduling inquiries. Members of this committee will work closely with the Board to coordinate performances outside of our standard winter, cabaret and spring concerts.

Policy Revision. The Policy Revision (formerly Bylaws) committee reviews the New Wave Bylaws, Member Handbook, and Privileges and Responsibilities documents on an annual basis and proposes revisions based on the needs and suggestions of the Board and Membership. This committee works closely with the Board to ensure proposed changes are aligned with New Wave's mission and goals before presenting changes to the membership to be voted on at the annual meeting.

Production. The Production committee is responsible for dress rehearsal and day of performance details, including stage, house, ticket booth, sound and lighting coordination, as well as assisting the Board with venue selection.

Volunteer Coordination. The Volunteer Coordination committee recruits, manages, and provides recognition for the non-member volunteers who support New Wave.

Voting Coordination. The Voting Coordination committee (formerly Elections) conducts and supervises Board elections and votes on bylaws and other policy revisions. This includes confidentially tallying all in-person, electronic and absentee votes and then announcing results to the membership.

If you're interested in volunteering and helping to support New Wave, please email Jen Hill at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be connected with the committee chairs. 

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